Truck #11

This is our Lead Pumper. This truck is the first out of the Hall for the majority of calls. Equipped with a 750 gallon water tank, medical supplies, breathing apparatus, hand tools, a water cannon, and the ability to carry 4 fire fighters, an Officer and Operator. There is a reason this is our Lead Pumper.

Truck #21

This is our Tanker truck. This truck is used to shuttle large amounts of water from the water source to the fire scene. Our tanker is often called upon within our department, but also throughout the Valley in response to Mutual Aid calls from other departments.

Truck #22

This is a Pumper / Tanker. With this truck we have the capability to pump water from a Village fire hydrant, a porta-tank, or even direct from a water source such as a pond or river. We also carry a portable pump, which can be used to fill Tanker trucks in a Water Tanker Shuttle.

Truck #31

This is a Heavy Walk-Around Rescue. This vehicle is equipped with Vehicle extrication tools, Lifting bags, four bottle 6000 psi Cascade fill station for filling Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, Command Scene light, 25 KW Generator, Side mount Electric awning for Firefighter Re-Hab, Medical first response equipment and a 8000-lb winch with four receiver points located around the truck.

Truck #32

By far our smallest truck, this is used primarily for quick response to grass and brush fires. We also carry a wide assortment of medical gear to allow us to respond to Medical First Response calls. With room for 5 firefighters, we can get assistance on-scene faster than ever before

Truck #41

This is our Aerial Ladder Truck. This truck gives us the ability to direct large quantities of water from directly above a fire scene, allowing us to knock down a structure fire from the exterior. The aerial boom also contains a ladder, allowing our fire fighters to access tall structures from the safety of the ladder.